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God’s eye, Ojo de Dios, Божье око, Namkha

Hello! Привет!

Божье око - стариный русский обережный знак, и тибетский, и марокканский, и мексиканский, и турецкий... Так мне замечают разные люди на ярмарках.  И правда, Божье Око существует в разных культурах под одинаковым названием. Удивительно! 
Поместите его на видном месте у входа в дом или помещение. Яркий образ привлечет внимание входящего и направит его мысли и намерения в позитивное русло.

Инструкции по изготовлению этого амулета в Инете найти несложно, но вот тут вы найдете как изготовить сложную версию знака, почти мандалы. 

God’s eye, Ojo de Dios, Божье око, Namkha are all the names for the same symbol and translated all have the same meaning: The Eye of God.

Fascinating, when I sell it on fairs as part of my Russian traditional exposition, people of different nationalities pass by to say that there is the same symbol in Turkey, Morocco, Tibet, Mexico.

How did it happen that God's eye weaving technique stays the same all over the world and refers to the same sacral meaning? 
Has it appeared independently in different places?  With the same name and meaning?????
Or is there a common root? More likely. Another proof that we all are much closer than it looks like :)

Of course, the interpretation of the symbol is different depending on cultures and traditions. The four ends of the sticks may mean four sides of the world (with the central point being the fifth, spiritual, dimension) or the four elements of the (same) world. The colours also have different metaphysical meanings.

The usage of this amulet also varies on continents:
- in Tibet, Namkha serves as a prayer flag ans a meditation practise
- Ojo de Dios in Latin America is made by Huichol Indians to protect the children during life
- Russian Божье око serves as a protection against bad wishes and bad eyes

Russians suggest to place God's eye at the entry of your house or room. Its bright image attracts attention of the guest and turns his mindset to a positive side, protecting your dwelling against the negative thoughts or intentions.

Just while writing this post, I realised that having a God's eye in a house brings the presence of the the universal human culture and values to your place, whatever appearances they may take anywhere else.

And the last thing. I am happy to bring to your dwelling this universal proection and spiritual sign. You can find the God's eye made by me in my Dawanda shop

Goood luck!


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