Thursday, 20 December 2012

Koliada: winter solstice - Коляда

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Вот и время для Коляды подходит. Пора полешко берёзовое подбирать и делать эту замечательную берегиню. Коляда - моя любимая кукла. Статная, уверенная в себе, деятельная, но при этом очень женственная. В моих глазах она олицетворяет истинную женскую суть. Кукла ритуальная, и должна быть сожжена после года служения, чтобы уступить место новой. В посте позируют мои Коляды, сделанные для рождественских базарчиков. 

  Finally, I got to tell you about my preferred doll - Koliada. The time has come. Winter solstice is coming.

Kolada doll is a doll made for ... , guess? Right, Koliada feast.

Remember, I told you about Summer solstice and the Kupavka dollSimilarly to Koupala, Koliada is one of major yearly celebrations by pagan Russians and this Winter Solstice period was also marked by the Christian feasts: Christmas and the New Year. 

At this day people think back what the passed year brought. Whether the year delivered the good or bad, they showed the gratitude. So the next year would be happier and easier. 
During Koliada celebration, people wish each other happiness and wealth on behalf of Koliada Doll.

Like all the rite dolls, Koliada was made every year anew. During the whole year, Koliada doll would stand at the visible place guarding the house and helping the dwellers in all the affairs.

Koliada is made on a birch log (sacral Russian wood) and has two specific protection symbols: a couple of bundles with salt and bread to bring the richness to the house and a broom to chase all the evils from the house.  
After a year of good service, the old doll was burned in the sacral fire (the new fire made with fire striker or by friction).

Winter Solstice is the most promising feast. 
As of Solstice date, the day grows longer.  "As a sparrow jumps" but longer! Always!

The pictures show the Koliada dolls, I made for the Christmas markets this year.


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