Thursday, 27 December 2012

Кому Коляду на Новый Год?- Good luck Koliada Draw!

Hello! Привет!

Winter Solstice!  The feast of Koliada!

You know, I love this time - for its optimism!   Days can only be longer! Life can only be better! And I want to celebrate it!

This Koliada can be yours! 

I made it thinking of the the house it will reside at. Shall it be happy and protected!

Just l eave a comment with your hearty wishes to all of us for the coming year! 

I will draw the happy owner one of the first days of 2013! Good Luck! 

Your Kukliki

  Коляда! Коляда!

Уродилась Коляда
Накануне Рожества,
За горою, за крутою,
За рекою, за быстрою...
...Ой, Коляда, Коляда,
Ты бываешь, Коляда,
Накануне Рождества!

Праздник - всем праздникам праздник:     Поворот Солнца на Весну !
День длиннее на воробьиный скок! Но длиннее же 

Теперь все может быть только лучше!
Отметить такой день хочу и дарю Коляду, сделанную от всего сердца!

Пишите в комментариях пожелания всем нам на следующий годовой круг!
А жеребьевка в первых числах 2013 года решит - к кому Коляда отправится!
Всем Счастья и Любви! Успеха и Благополучия! В Следующем Году и всегда!



  1. i really hope that there is LESS violence in the world in 2013 and all future years yet to come. the shooting in newtown was devastating.. all those innocent children. way TOO close to home.


  2. jackeline little more peace and unity in this world, so that is what I wish for. Dj_onassis(at)yahoo(dot)com

  3. Happy new year for all.
    I wish less children to suffer in my country, Greece and all over the world.
    I wish no children suffers...


  4. I wish love and solidarity and less selfishness...
    Your gift is wonderful


  5. Good wishes for peace.....
    come from this admirer of fantastic dolls, the Koliada reminds me of gentleness and hard work....
    I sould let her watch over me as I do my volunteer work from my heart.

  6. Thank you for your generosity!

    I wish much happiness and more true tolerance and understanding throughout the world for 2013.

    georgiabloom at gmail dot com

  7. ЗдОрово, Диана, придумала!Узнаю от тебя столько нового!
    Желаю всем в Новом году стать добрее, к людям, к природе! Ценить своих близких и любить детей!

    1. "Спасибочки" очень милые :)

  8. I hope everyone sees the strife they see in the news and use it to make a new world of peace and acceptance, beginning with loving themselves and those in their household.

    jhbalvin at gmail dot com

  9. I wish everyone peace and happiness in the new year and I want to hear of less violence and illness and less cruelty towards animals, life should be enjoyed to the max!

    robertfox24 [at] aol [dot] com

  10. I wish everyone meet as good and caring people I've had the luck of having in my life, during my hard times. People are amazing.


  11. I wish people just stop trying to hurt each other, and be more caring toward each other. And I hope that everything is going to be better in 2013 for everyone.

  12. I wish for the new year another child ...

    ale84.vercelli at hotmail dot it

  13. I wish a beautiful new Year for everyone. I wish that people would follow their hearts and learn to love them selves. Happy New Year!


    I wish more peace in the world, and that we all have much health. That abandonment of animals ceases to exist (here in Portugal is a big sadness)! And that we get through this crisis with great hope! Because hope is the last to die...
    Happy new year:D

  15. I wish every family a wonderful, happy, and strong New Year...many blessings :-)

    Heather P.

  16. I wish to be happy!
    lusizova at