Thursday, 25 October 2012

Balls Balls Balls - мячики

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 Знаете книгу Лоскутные мячики из Хотьково Галины Дайн ? Если нет, то обязательно ее найдите и просмотрите, даже если Вас не интересуют мячи! Она написана с большой любовью и глубоким знанием. И наверняка Вам захочется-таки попробовать сделать мячик-другой, просто из любопытства. Вот и я сделала несколько, еще до того как закрыть книгу :) Тут и хотьковских два, с погремушкой и с бубенчиком, и древнерусский (с горохом в моем исполнении) и пара просто лоскутных 8-дольных мячей. Они постоянно лежат на диване и мы нет-нет да и перекинемся - стресс снять :)

    I am a lucky owner of a Rug Balls from Khotkovo book (in Russian) by a great author and Russian art keeper Galina Dain. This book tells the story of balls and is full of pictures and making descriptions. Reading it through makes you look for tissues and threads. I could not wait to make few balls before closing the book:

There are three type of balls here:
  • the red embroderied and the one with flowers are the rattle balls from Khotkovo (Хотьково), a small town near Moscow, known for the artistic traditions and the monastery. These balls are made of 16 attached "pillows", each made of some filling (traditionally moss, but it can be wool or scraps) wrapped in a piece of cloth. Inside the ball, there is a birch box with grains or a rown bell. Great toy for kids!
    These balls used to be made by the nuns in the local monastery for few pence
  • the blue and brown ones are the usual 8 side balls
  • the bordo ball at the back is a remake of the very ancient Russian ball, spread in Russian villages thousand years ago. Initally, such balls were made of leather and in 16th cetury there even existed a dedicated trade, a ball-maker!

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  1. Книгу пока не нашла, нашла вот описание как шить
    Обязательно сделаю!