Thursday, 27 September 2012

Russian doll: Insomnia - Бессонница

Hey all!   Привет!

 Наше последнее занятие началось с того, что оказалось что все мы, мамы, с детьми у которых не так все и благополучно со сном. Поэтому мы и начали вечер с полезной куклы Бессонницы. И похоже, она уже кое-кому помогла.  А я, кстати ее еще использую и с эфирными маслами, от насморка :) 

    Last week,  the announced master-class on Kouvadka dolls has started spontaneously with a conversation about our kids and their sleeping problems. Someone asked me provocatively if there is no by chance a Russian doll to help with this. 
Yes! I said,  There is a doll for your case! Since you need it, lets make it.

So we started the evening with making Insomnia. A doll like this:

Insomnia doll is made of two rags with no threads used to shape the body, only nodes.
A mother would make this doll when her kid was crying by night, not being able to sleep. She would put it to the kid's bed saying:

Insomnia, insomnia,
do not play with my baby, 
but play with this doll.

And guess what, this week one of the mothers told me that her daughter, after the course, has had finally a quiet night. A chance?

Your Kukliki


  1. Очень красивая кукла, красивое сочетание тканей...

    1. Спасибо :)
      Рекий случай, когда рубашечные графические ткани нормально смотрятся на русской кукле :)