Thursday, 13 September 2012

Marfa - Марфа

Hey all!   Привет!

Позвольте мне познакомить вас с Марфой (не Посадницей, но по характеру могла бы ей и быть). Голова у нее тяжелая, из сбитого пепла, мыслями полна. В руки-ноги вставлены бамбуковые палочки,  оттого они и сгибаются как настоящие. Красавица статная (почти 2 кило и 76 сантиметров), так что и сарафана своего залатанного стыдиться не станет.  

    Please meet my Marthe or Marfa in a Russian way. She was made just after the first Loukeria, when I felt that I need a doll too (Loukeria was confiscated by made for my daughter).

Marfa is big, I mean really BIG  (76 cm) and heavy (nearly 2 kilos).  Taking her in hands makes somehow an impression of dealing with a real baby. Since the most weight is concentrated in her head (made of ashes), you can assume how clever she is.

And you can see that she is with a character too (I would say not enough flexible sometimes).

 I spent hours while making her hairs by pulling the separate threads from a piece of jute fabrics. But the effect it gives was really worth the time spent.


Like all of my dolls, Marfa is wearing a sarafan and a traditional shirt.

Your Kukliki