Sunday, 1 April 2012

April First

Hello all,

today is a special day, it is a birthday of my beloved grandmother. I will never say enough how wise, knowledgeable, soft and tolerant she is. We are living few hours by plane and clearly do not see each other often enough. But I hope that our relation is just a proof that love does not have a distance, either you love in time ans space, or do not. I know, we do.

For her, I share today the work we did together... with participation of other family women. So truly collective, cross-border and cross-generation work.

It starter with grandma's complaint three or four years ago about too many tissue pieces in her room that she feels sorry to throw away. To keep her busy, I suggested that she makes a patchwork base the way she feels. So she did.

 I loved this authentic "grandmother's" approach to patchwork. Without thoughts of aesthetics, but because of that so natural and so ... her :)

I decided to make a kid's cover with this nice base. More, to keep this authentic original recycling approach, I asked my mother-in-low to find in her attic or in a cave an old woollen cover.
(Those two places in her house is just a paradise for flea-market lovers as I am. And I definitely should tell one day you about few findings I've got here )

To fit the cover nicely, I had to make small additions of my pieces, that my grandma has immediately spotted even through poor Skype resolution!

My mom helped me to assemble together cover and patchwork piece and it has ended like this:

 Finally, I quilted the cover lightly by hand.
Indeed it does not have this "finesse" of the modern well-thought quilts, but for me it smells family history and roots.

С днем рождения, бабушка!

Yours Kukliki

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