Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Patchwork pot-holders

Sun is still in Brussels!

After grey winter this sparkling air outside gives ideas and makes me doing something new.

The latest weeks I was into patchwork. But not that accurate and well-thought creation that is growing from aesthetics but the one inspired by my grand mother and that comes from economy and is a bit irrational from design point of view.
This fits perfectly the principles of traditional Russian dolls, btw :)

I will tell you later about a cover we did with grandma.
But inspired by her work, I do the spring cleaning in my tissue left-overs. I take tiniest shapeless pieces and try to attach them together. Often to throw the result away.

This week I tried to make pot-holders.  I made two pairs.

The one for a friend of mine to give her a bit of primary colours in life :)

And this one is for myself to fit the cottage style:

So, now it is cooking time ;)

Your Kukliki


  1. Thank you! What a wonderful surprise to come home too. It has your signature written all over it, which is why I love it most. We came home late from England and put the ready-made pizzas into the owen, and my pot-holders got their first usage.

  2. For info: such technique is called Scrap Quilting or Crazy Quilting.