Monday, 16 April 2012

Few lines about Russian Easter

Христос Воскресе! - Во Истину Воскресе!
Christ Resurrected! - Truly Resurrected!

These exclamations followed by three kisses are exchanged  by Russians on the Easter Day.

Easter feast and traditions are really important and survived staying quite spread even during the Soviet time. Even today, you do not have to go to church or to be practising believer, to have coloured eggs and have something special baked for Easter Sunday.

So what about egg colouring traditions?
The most common way of colouring eggs is with onionskin. Just boil your eggs in a casserole with a handful or two of onionskin. The more onionskin you take and the longer you cook (plan half an hour and keep an eye on water level), the deeper the egg colour will be. After cooking, rinse eggs in cold running water for few minutes to fix the colour.
For a spotted effect, brush the eggs with paper or sponge before placing them in cold water.
Once cold, polish eggs with vegetable oil to make them shine.

The result will be the most common Russian Easter eggs:

The dark eggs on picture, coloured with red onion skin,  come from my mom who came for Easter breakfast.  This is part of tradition to exchange eggs on Easter Sunday.

And last, you do not simply peel an egg to eat it. You suppose to break it against someone else's. And luckily if you loose the fight, you can eat yours :)

Христос Воскресе!


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