Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sunflower seeds as a tradition - Семечки как традиция

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Резюме  Нужно ли рассказывать как важна и полезна наша традиция грызть семечки? Нужно ли рассказывать где их искать и как жарить? И надо ли объяснять, что означает "заразный как семечки"? Вам, наверное, нет, а вот заморским друзьям наверняка стоит.  

    see these sunflower seeds?

No, no, I am not going to talk about birds feeding. This is another Russian tradition - nibbling the sunflower seeds (грызть семечки).

A perfect pastime! It keeps your hands and teeth busy better than any sugary snack bar. Like other nuts, sunflower grains help establishing the acidity balance and contain a great dose of vitamin E (for men to note: it is a natural alternative to viagra!).

Here in Brussels one can buy sunflower seeds in Russian and Turkish shops. This shows that the seeds tradition is not limited to Russia's area. The seeds can be be of different quality, look for dry and preferably black-shell seeds without stripes, although they are smaller, they have bigger grain inside. I advise you to grill them a bit in the oven or in a pan to reveal the delicious aroma of the grain and make them easier to crack.

Some, after biting two or three grains, abandon the process. Such people are just very impatient and they miss the whole pleasure :) Nibbling seeds is known as being a hard-to-stop activity. When a Russian calls some process as being "catching like sunflower seeds", he means that it is very hard, say impossible to stop doing.

And btw, this is what left by the time I was writing this post ;)


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