Saturday, 5 May 2012

The home girls - Agrafena (Grusha)

Hello! Privet!

To continue last entry about the Ashes doll, let me present you Agrafena or Agraphena or shortly Grusha (Аграфена, Груша).

She is the first doll I made for my daughter, inspired by Russian Traditional Dolls, and specifically I made her after the Ashes doll.

The head and limbs of Agraphena are made of ashes and are pretty hard.

Agrafena is a real pioneer,  as everything she wears was made by me for the very first time: the Russian shirt and dress, the tablet-woven belt, the head ring made of birch cork.

Thinking about the name, I realise now that the doll reminds me of my grandmother's village close friend Grusha. Whom I have seen when she was already the age of my grandmother... of course :)


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